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  I walked into the room and saw him after many full and half-moons have passed… My heart missed a beat and for a brief moment, I could barely breathe I almost tripped in my quest to fall into his arms And he run to me with fear in his eyes Passion robbed the chambers of my heart And all…

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God’s Marking Scheme

He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God; And being fully persuaded, he was able also to perform”-Romans 4:20-21 When I read the verses above from the Bible I think that is a big lie. Abraham did not stagger? Was it not Abraham who took Haggai and slept with…

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where are you


“Where are you?” This was God’s first question in the Bible— it was for Adam. But over a very long period, God hasn’t stopped asking this same question. He has probably been asking you this same question a million times. Man is so rebellious that it’s hard to understand exactly how God can keep wanting us back. In the time…

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I look at him from afar And there my heart skipped a beat I stared intently at him as he approached and I could feel my eyes hurt It was love at first sight when I saw him in such a beauty and glory His face shone like a radiant sun And his silky hair was one I feasted my…

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Sometimes the storms blow They beat us so hard we can focus on nothing else but them It can be so hard it can wrench our peaceful hearts apart Filling it with fear and with terror   The pain might be heavy and unbearable But trust Him when He says He will give you perfect peace   He says: “You…

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  The future may be blur What I’m seeking isn’t quite clear But I do not really care Because I know God is already there Do not dare Never ever swear God is not just here He’s indeed everywhere Who says the Almighty isn’t fair Every prayer you utter he clearly hears Your answers may not be here But to…

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