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Do Re Me

do re me…these notes probably ring a bell of singing. I quite remember music classes where we sing through all these notes and struggle very hard to hit the notes of the last “do”… but as hard as I tried my voice always choked whenever I get there. Courage was on my side so I never gave up and now…

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  I have lots of friends and most of them have beautiful hearts. I recently made a friend like that whom I took a personal interest in. I liked him so much that I wanted to always be around him. So you can imagine my disappointment when he hurt me. I was so hurt I couldn’t cry and I wondered…

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God can forgive you!

How many of you had Godly parents, and yet turned out as the most evil man in his generation?  How many of you have served idols before? Okay, let me inquire further. Have you sacrificed your own son in fire before? What about Sorcery and Divination? Did you ever try that one too? I shed a lot of innocent blood….

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Long ago, there was this man and woman in this lovely garden surrounded with wonderful fruits. They wonderful garden was made by this loving God, who loved them with all His heart. BTW: We are building the largest Christian Social Network Ever! Please Join our Mailing List to be informed when we are done.

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Get up!

“Do not gloat over me, my enemy! Though I have fallen, I WILL rise. Though I sit in darkness, the Lord WILL be my light.” Micah 7:8  We may sometimes find ourselves in very ‘low’ moments and all we can think is we are the worst sinners and not worthy of reading the Bible or talking to God. Gone are the…

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My husband had gone off for some days, what a relief! I couldn’t help but think of the coming night, when I would be in the hands of the other man who truly made me feel warm. My husband was a nice man, but he had lost his passion and desire for me and for love somewhere along the line….

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