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Whenever I read the bible, there are several questions I ask myself. These questions include “who said it, what experiences the person had and what influenced his judgment?”

You remember when David said “the Lord is my shepherd?”  He understood perfectly well what he was saying about God because he (David) had been a shepherd and understands what the shepherds do for the sheep.

Going through my Holman Student Bible, I read this by the wisest man ever to have lived, the great King Solomon in the book of Proverbs 9:16b-17-“…to the one who lacks sense, she says, Stolen water is sweet, and bread eaten secretly is tasty.”  Once again, I had to find out about the message behind the verse.

Solomon was famous and had several hundreds of women at his disposal. He even went into forbidden lands to marry some more. The Queen of Sheeba travelled all the way from Ethiopia just to come and see him. He was witness to what destroyed many others and in the end himself. He knows what stolen waters are.

So what is it? Things we do in secret. It is as if we sometimes forget God is omnipresent. We hide and commit sins we are ashamed of in public. Bread eaten in secrecy, oh yeah, no one else saw you so you enjoyed it and cleaned your mouth. When we mention sin, Christians usually think about fornication, drunkenness, stealing, murder and the rest, but I heard Paul say in Hebrews 12:1…let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us.

There are things we do, we lie, we gossip, we pass “filthy” comments here and there, how sweet they are. They are not big fat lies but they easily entangle us. The wisdom of fools thinks that we can cheat our way through life.

God sees us, even inside our hearts and veins, the sins we imagined or wanted to commit, and nothing is hidden from His presence. David once prayed and said if he regards iniquity in his heart when he prays God will not listen to him (psalm 66:18)

I meditated upon what is said in the verse 16b of Proverbs 9…”to the one who lacks sense, she says”. If you think that because no one sees you and you enjoy doing it in secret it is all fine, you are described as a fool. It may taste sweet in secret, but you will be destroyed by it in public.

Does your choices reflect your belief? Is our secret lives in sync with our public display of sanctimonious Christianity?

Don’t be deceived, stolen water is only sweet as you drink it, bread eaten secretly is only tasty as you chew but when you finish it will take you to place of destruction.

I am tempted to ask a question as I close-“if you believe in heaven, why is hell the choice”?

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