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Ps. 138:2: “For You have magnified Your word above all Your name.”

There’s an epiphany you probably haven’t caught in this one fact: that in the court room, arguments are backed by the constitution. 3102517978_8d04173b30A man realised his neighbour was keeping a kid home without allowing him go to school. He reported the issue to the police; the matter was eventually sent to court. At court, he was given the stand to defend his argument. As a lawyer, he said: “your Honour, it is stated in our constitution that every child has the right to education’’. He then went ahead and stated the exact location of the law in the constitution. To validate his argument, the judge referred to the said location in the constitution, and there it was, boldly written! The judge had no option than to declare the man as the victor in the case because he was actually working with the constitution.  It’s common knowledge; the judiciary is the law interpreting body of a nation, thus the judge knows the laws written in the constitution, inside and out. Again, judges institute common law, thus to simplify things, let’s assume he actually made the law based on a prior case.

Imagine another scenario where the same man goes to court, with nothing to back him in the constitution. He might have a point alright, but his case will be judged baseless! This scenario is similar to what happens when we pray. God is the judge in this case and we are the ones bringing our case. The Bible is our constitution. As we present our case, we should have a text from the Bible to support it. For instance, you are asking God to heal you from a disease you are suffering from. Knowing perfectly well that he said in Isaiah 53:5 that” by His wounds we were healed” you tell Him that. You just backed your case with a text from the constitution (Bible) so he has to grant your request because in this case the word you spoke is actually His. John 1:1 makes us understand that the word is actually God so in this situation we are speaking His words back to Him and He has to listen and grant our request if only we have faith in Him.

The issue is, lots of Christians present baseless cases which are in the form of prayers before God every day. This is because they lack the word in them! They complain about not getting results when they pray but in actual sense they lose their case in court because of lack facts (the word).

From today, I encourage you to study and meditate the word as lawyers study the law (constitution). This will enable you speak his word back to him and I know that he would have no course to deny your request when we believe and have faith in him.


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  • http://www.loverealm.org Yaw Ansong

    God bless you soo much my sister! Powerful! Activating God’s word is the key to receiving our spiritual breakthrough!

    For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart. Hebrews 4:12

  • http://loverealm Solomon Ansah

    This is so soo powerful. May God bless you and increase you for such great enlightenment

    • http://www.loverealm.org Yaw Ansong


  • Raquel

    God is not someone you can say look I am going to throw your words back at you, so therefore you have to give me what I have asked, if it were that easy everyone would be doing it, the Bible is a tool to know God to live as God had intended us to, to know God the Son and everything He did so that we could have salvation in His death on the cross. Some things we want we don’t need somethings we ask for could do more harm to us without us knowing, God hears all prayers I do believe, it is for us to wait and ask God if you think this is best for me please let it be, but we can not nor should we look at this as a court room and we are our own lawyers, ever hear the phrase as fool has himself as a his own lawyer something close to that 🙂 well that would be us, brothers and sisters God is not someone we try to deal with in a court room but rather some one who loves us and knows whats best for us, Trust, Believe, and have Faith

    • http://www.loverealm.org Yaw Ansong

      Amen! God bless you my sister. Praying according to God’s will…you would still have to use the word of God as the basis for that prayer anyway. The basis of Prayer is God’s will, and that is found in his word…

  • Craig S. Anderson

    think there is a danger in a legalistic approach to God. Remember that we are sinners because we transgressed the Law. Therefore, our only hope is the Blood of the Lamb. Through Him we have Grace that covers our transgressions. God forgets the Law and our sins because Christ is sufficient to attone for our sin. Attonment is forgetting utterly.

    • http://www.loverealm.org Yaw Ansong

      I tink you have a point, but the basic idea is that the word of God forms the basis of our prayer….I know we’re no longer under the law.

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