When I’m done fondling her

I met my first love in High School. I reminisce with laughter those young days of mine. As a lad, my heart would skip a beat at the thought of her. How difficult it was in those days, my love for her eventually dwindled and soon memories of here faded into the memoirs of time. BTW: We are building the…

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When things go wrong

Sometimes I wonder why on earth certain things happen to me. I wonder, ask and question God: “Why me?” Why on earth couldn’t this happen to anybody but me? Why couldn’t God prevent me from being robbed at gunpoint? Why couldn’t God prevent the armed robber from stealing all the churches money? If he is an almighty God, why couldn’t…

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Being filthy rich as Christian: is it wrong?

You can’t eat your cake and have it back There’s a fundamental fact of life: You can’t eat your cake and have it back. Ever heard of that proverb? I have too, and I never really believed it till my recent study of the scriptures. There’s another fact of life most people are not getting: One person can’t do everything,…

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Trust in God

Finding it difficult to trust God?

I’ve been there too; I know how it feels like. I was in a queue, with a bunch of people behind me. I was the first in the line, and I seemed to be ahead of everybody. In front of me, stood this man. He was dark, and I didn’t know him much. I can’t really remember the place, but…

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The Second Coming of Christ

Jesus’ second coming: A divine revelation

The Day I’ll never forget Innately I’m not a birthday person, and I hardly remember the birthdates of people, not even that of my Mum and Dad. I’ll however never forget 31st March 2012. Not because it’s my Dad’s birthday, but because on that day something tragic happened to me: BTW: We are building the largest Christian Social Network Ever!…

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Lion Roar

Can a Christian forget about God? Beware of lions…

Beware of Lions Dogs! Dogs! Dogs! I love them, but they scare the hell out of me. Traditionally, when I am entering a house with the inscription “Beware of dogs”, I tend to be cautious. I would thus definitely be more cautious if I discovered a house with the inscription “BEWARE OF LIONS”. Why? The lion is definitely more dangerous….

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