Can a father force a son who has denounced his parents to remain a son forever? We embark on a holly escapade, and only perseverance and faith can lead us there. Once saved is not forever saved for we are sojourners in this biosphere. Let’s avoid falsified ideologies and remember that Christ is our only reason for being here….

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  What gift have you planned to give out this season? Is it something that is worth a reason? Isaiah saw and prophesied of God’s gift in his vision Explaining His power, authority and His mission   Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given The exact nature of God was bestowed unto mankind Through him…

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  I have often reminisced Moses stand before Pharaoh and declare unto him what God told him. “Let my people go”. I believe since God said so it should have been easy for Moses to execute his assignment. Let’s go back to God’s own words when he was orienting Moses on the task ahead. “And I am sure that the…

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  Christmas is fast approaching and I am thinking of doing something special for my mother It involves getting her a few things Now, on my list of items was something my best friend could give me She was selling it but later decided to offer it for free I happily accepted it as I left her room but stepped…

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Nature’s Portion

The sun can’t help it but to smile every morning The moon bows out and sink in the mornings It’s not because its work is boring But it ought to give up the old evenings   The sun would have loved to smile without ceasing And the moon desires to continue illuminating The light that the sun spreads out in…

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  When all worries are laid aside, And only by the word we abide. When petitions are transformed into meditation, And praises, into adoration, But for His mercies and kindness. The mind empty, all plights forgotten. Spirit activated, flesh rotten.   The Holy Spirit becomes the motor, Very prominent. Then locomotion becomes very eminent. Men might by then be unresponsive…

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