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I have often reminisced Moses stand before Pharaoh and declare unto him what God told him.

“Let my people go”. I believe since God said so it should have been easy for Moses to execute his assignment.

Let’s go back to God’s own words when he was orienting Moses on the task ahead.

“And I am sure that the king of Egypt will not let you go, no, not by a mighty hand”-Exodus 3:19

God was the one speaking and he said “And I am sure”…can you believe that? God himself says He is sure the enemy won’t let them go at one attempt. I didn’t want to believe it-God says “I am sure he will not let you go”. I wanted to believe because God says it should be easy to come to pass. Have you wondered why you have to pray again and keep praying?

God has declared your future as glorious already but he is also saying it won’t be an easy ride. You have to be ready to contend with your adversary and take your blessings.

Please do understand that because you prayed or said you are a child of God doesn’t make the devil to back off. Sometimes you have to be aware of what you are up against. The world is not all sunshine and rainbow. There are rulers of the darkness and powers that be, principalities whose main mission is to steal, kill and destroy.

We should be aware of the nature of our adversary. We wrestle not again flesh and blood because we do wrestle against more than flesh and blood.

When you underestimate your opponent that is when you will receive the shock of your life. I am pretty sure if Goliath ever has the chance to fight David, he will never see him as a small shepherd boy.

Please know the devil is wiser than he is being portrayed in the media. When we forget for a moment he was not only able to distract the order in heaven but he took one third of the angels with him, we will better understand what we are up against.

As you understand your adversary remember your savior Jesus finished the battle for you. You only have to stand firm and exercise your victory.

God gave Moses the assurance. This assurance is what you need…”And I will stretch out my hand and smite Egypt with all my wonders…” Exodus 3:20a

Psalm 91:5-Thou shall not be afraid of the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day”.

The Lord is with us, HE will fight for us but we should be well aware we may have to persevere in prayer, be consistent in character and strong in deed.

You may not see yourself succeeding, you are not there yet, you have to be aware what you are up against is strong but your God is mighty.

Access our weapons of warfare which is mighty to pull down strongholds. Our adversary is strong but by the mighty arm of the Lord our enemies shall be utterly destroyed saith the Lord of Host.

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