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This is the testimony of Jose Vazquez, a Christian friend of mine living in New York, in the USA. I personally believe his testimony because the bible says:

“And it shall be in the last days, saith God, I will pour forth of My Spirit upon all flesh: And your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, And your young men shall see visions, And your old men shall dream dreams: Yea and on My servants and on My handmaidens in those days Will I pour forth of My Spirit; and they shall prophesy. And I will show wonders in the heaven above, And signs on the earth beneath; … “ Acts 2:17 – 19

The Devil might not want you to read this, but I urge you to read this article to the end! Now, hear the testimony below as the man speaks for himself:

The testimony

It all happened in 2007, when God begun to increase my knowledge of him. Prior to that, my love for Him was not 100% strong, I hardly, knew him. It so happened however that during this period, I met a woman who I ended up entering into a relationship with. As a beautiful Christian lady, she loved God with a unique passion, hence she told me more about God. From thence, I begun to read the Bible more and begun to question my catholic beliefs. I eventually quit being Catholic and dedicated my whole life to the Lord Jesus Christ. I asked the Lord Jesus to be my saviour and forgive all my sins. I started to talk to God everyday, and still do. I begun asking God to reveal himself to me, and that’s how my encounter with him begun.

My first encounter with God

My first encounter with God was in the form of a dream. I saw myself in an ally, where I saw women. Out of nowhere however, I saw a portal appear to me saying; “ Let there be water!’ and water came out! The women there ware saying that the portal was the devil, but I had the conviction that it was God himself, not the devil. I woke up.

My first encounter with hell

IWilliam-Adolphe_Bouguereau_(1825-1905)_-_Dante_And_Virgil_In_Hell_(1850)n my next encounter, I was outside of my block in Bronx, NY. I looked up and saw 3 light in the day. I was so happy when I saw the light, however the place became dark, little by little. Before I realised, the whole place was entirely dark. I realised I was seeing nothing. All I saw next was smoke in front of me. I then heard millions of people screaming. Something then suddenly grabbed my soul. This freaked me out! I woke up. Whoever you are reading this, hell is really a terrible place, Bible says “their worm does not die, and the fire is not quenched.” (Mark 9:47-48). It’s a place full of total darkness and screams of people sobbing in regret, yet it’s too late for them, how sad.



The strangest encounter

8356outofbodyBeing a faithful believer, God kept revealing things to me. I still can’t fully comprehend my next encounter with Him though, since I found it strange. I was sleeping, when I got up from my bed. In shock, I saw my own body laying on the bed, and women wearing red clothes. The women then told me, ‘Let’s go, he’s waiting’. As a simple-minded guy, I didn’t ask: ‘Who is waiting’.  Before I knew, we were in a boiling room. I looked to my left, and I saw a man running away from someone. Behind the man was a flame, chasing him. This immediately brought a scripture to mind:

But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.” Revelations 21:8

I now saw another man in white robes filled with blood. He looked like Jesus, however I wasn’t sure it was he till he asked me: ‘Do you love me?’ I said: ‘Yes Lord! With all my heart.” I knelt down, however before I knew, my encounter was over.

The lake of fire

lake_of_fireThis one got me really worried: I saw myself in a hallway. I saw a door open, and to my shock this was the lake of fire. I did not go through the gate, however I saw it from a distance. As a man, and a brave one for that matter, I must say that this is the most terrible thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life! It was in fact the most frightening moment of my life! Till then, I’d never believed that hell was real. It really pains me that lots of people are going there. It’s not my pleasure that anyone would go there, it is a place full of torment, and the people there were tormented day and night [for ever and ever], as the scripture puts it in Revelations 20:10


downloadGod then chose to reveal Heaven to me. I was in in my living room, when I saw my Mum, and her friend. I went to my door and I saw many people, all in white robes, going up and down the stairs hurriedly. I turned and saw two young women. I was wondering how they got in my house. I called out: “mum!” and to my shock, one of the young women said ‘I’m here’. I couldn’t believe she was my mother, since she was looking very young and beautiful. I looked out of my window, and saw mad people in panic, but in the Bronx, the people disappeared. Heaven then appeared to me. Everything was in Gold. I turned to my right and saw God. He looked at me, smiling with love, whilst changing colours like a rainbow. I woke up in more shock, because this time, I saw him, whilst I was still awake, and not asleep. This made me cry. Wow! What is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them? Psalm 8:4. Why would God appear to me? Why would he love me, a mere Human being? Beloved, God loves us so much. Why would anyone reject the beautiful streets of Gold God has prepared for us, for a place of torment like Hell? Please, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall! 1 Corinthians 10:12. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. Isaiah 55:7

The rapture

I then told God, “I want to know how the rapture will happen’. I was on my block with Chinese people that make Chinese food. I’ve known them for years. Looking outside, I saw a big moon, and everything was dark. I really couldn’t see anything around. The next thing I knew however was that, I turned to heaven again, and the streets and building was gold. I woke up and was like, ‘Wow! This must be the great tribulation. What a terrible moment it will be.” Jesus himself said it:

 “Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken. Then will appear in heaven the sign of the Son of Man, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. And he will send out his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other. Mathew 24: 29 – 31

imagesMy dear reader, I want you to know that God loves you so much. He is still waiting for you and will not give up on you. He loves you so much that he took the incredible pain, shame and torment of hell for you and I. He didn’t deserve it; we deserve all the torment he took for us. All the torments described in this revelation were supposed to be ours, yet he took it on our behalf, on the cross! Men propose on their knees, Christ proposed to us on the cross! Don’t worship idols for I am a jealous God, says Jehovah! All He asks of you is that you repent of your sins and ask him to be your lord and Saviour. Turn from evil and come to Jesus! His arms are wide open to accept you. This is God’s message to all his Children!

“Look, I am coming soon! Blessed is the one who keeps the words of the prophecy written in this scroll.” Revelations 22:7

And now to all who want to accept the Lamb as Lord and personal saviour, say this prayer:

“Lord Jesus, I know I am a sinner and it is for my sake that you came to die. It is your blood that will cleanse me and make me whole. I sincerely believe in my heart that you are the Son of God and believe God raised you from the dead. Today I ask you into my life. Come and be my saviour and take control of everything in my life. I repent of all my sins and declare today that I will serve you only all the days of my life. Please be my Lord and personal saviour. I thank you for coming into my life today, amen.”

If you did pray this prayer, you are welcome to the Kingdom of God! You are now a child of God! Please contact our founder, Yaw Ansong, for more information on spiritual growth and discipleship. He’ll be more than willing to assist you in your spiritual walk with God.

He who testifies to these things says, “Yes, I am coming soon.” Amen. Come, Lord Jesus. Revelations 22:20

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  • debbie nowlin

    that was the most stunning and interresting story and deplicting story of hell and i i said the pray of faith to be born again amen.

    • http://www.loverealm.org Yaw Ansong

      God bless you sister. Your comment made my day.

      I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.
      Luke 15:7

      Please contact me on facebook for information on Spritual Growth. I’m ready to desciple you.

      • Soapa Ratu

        Hi wat an intresting story i was blesd reading your story.Our God is good all the time! Bro I really want to knw n understand more abaut God.

        • Raquel

          Good morning Soapa, if you really want to know God more read your Holy Bible 🙂 God will tell you exactly who He is, and what He expects, from us and He will teach us how to reach that goal. God will tell you of His son Jesus as will the prophets, in the New Testiment Jesus story is the greatest story of all it tells of His birth, His death and His resurrection. Jesus tells us in His own words how to obtain eternal life. Jesus is human/divine, but the great thing is Jesus shows us by example, how to live, how to love one another even those who hate us, all of these things He does by example. Jesus also shows so much compassion, forgiveness, He tells us many false prophets will come not to believe. Read the Bible my friend and you will come to know God on a personal level and what a wonderful Father/God we have. 🙂

        • http://www.loverealm.org Yaw Ansong

          Hello Scopa,
          Aside reading your Bible, the Holy Spirit will be your guide. I really want to desciple and Sheperd you and teach you more about Jesus Christ. I think it’s the easiest way to go. You can contact me here on facebook:


          I’m more than willing to pray for you, support you and help you grow. God bless you!


    • Raquel

      Debbie, read the Holy Bible, there you will find in Jesus own words, how we are to live, and then you can see for urself how Jesus showed us by example, Jesus tells you what He expects and how to live, God our Heavenly Father tells us in the Old Testiment and Jesus will tell you of the New they both together are the best reading and coming of knowing God there ever could be. You must learn His words bc if you do not! many false ppl will come and teach you what they want and not what God wants, if you come to know Gods words then you will be able to spot those who are against God, seek His words!

  • Raquel

    I just read ur story here, and I am always so glad to see people turn to God and Jesus our Lord and Savior. I too am a child of God, and proud to claim it. But something ya have said has me a bit baffle, ya said you were a catholic, but choose, no longer to be ?? I am a catholic and I know God very well, so why is ya think being a catholic ya can not know God? Do ya not know that catholics too are followers of the one living God? See this does concern me, bc I don’t want ya to say these things making people think catholics don’t know God. See its like this, no matter what, it is the time ya put into knowing God, catholics dont go to church for an hour and then thats it we too talk to God daily seek for His help and we know the birth, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus this is coming from a catholic born raised and will die a catholic and I know God too! 🙂 just saying

    • http://www.loverealm.org Yaw Ansong

      In my humble opinion, whether you know God or not is a personal decision. There are Catholics who really know God well and there are other Unorthodox ‘Christians’ who have no encounter with God.

      In Jose’s case, he felt being catholic limited his knowledge of God. This is not to say that catholics are not Christians. My definition of a Christian is one who believes in his heart that Jesus is Lord and died for his sins, and is seated at God’s right hand, interceding on his behalf. Such a person knows God and walks like Christ, hence a ‘Christian.

      No hate people. God bless you all!

      • Raquel

        Christians are those who follower the Lord Jesus Christ 🙂 and there is NO hate in that at all

    • http://www.loverealm.org Yaw Ansong

      On point…God bless you


    You’re wrong brother . I left the Catholic because what they believe to be save are wrong and there law and rules to follow. Like tell you’re sins to a father knowing that jesus say there only one father and that him in heaven. And knowing that half of Catholic fathers are sinful like going there own way of stealing money and rapeing male child and dont say im wrong because I seen a few got caught by cops and a few children come forward about it. And to be save they believe that there more then one way to be save and they say that mary is also a way to heaven . And they worship idols which god also hates. I love everyone I still love Catholic ppl. And I never said that Catholic dont know god. To know god is from you’re heart soul and mind. Thanks for reading my story

    • http://www.loverealm.org Yaw Ansong

      Jose, there are other non-catholic pastors who are sinners as well. There are wolves in sheep clothing all round in the Christinedom. Don’t judge them or narrow it down to them.

      I agree though, that i’m not in support of a number of catholic believes, but I can tell you for a fact that there are some catholics who really know God and have a personal relationship with Him.

      As for praying through Mary and Saints, I think it’s not biblical, we’ll leave that for another day. God bless you soo much.

      BTW: LoveRealm does not have a particular denomination, we’re non-denominational. Read about our statement of faith here: http://www.loverealm.org/about-us


        Brother im not judging them. Im saying that everyone should not tell there sins to them because they sin also and they believe that they have no sins. Remember the pope say he god on earth and I disagree with him. He and noone in the Catholic has no power to forrgive only jesus. And they dont talk noting about hell. That why I say that we all can not trues them for speaking on our behalf . We must confess our sins to jesus and trust in him only . Even if the Catholic or other paster say it other wise

        • http://www.loverealm.org Yaw Ansong


          • Raquel

            Amen ? really, if this is the case no man NO man would be able to be used by God bc all men are sinners, do you not know this? that everyone God ever used rather in it be in the Old or New Testiment sinners were used Jesus came for the sinners not the rightous, for they had no need but sinners did, look at King David, Moses, Mary Madgndlene are perfect examples! so Jose and Yaw if this is how you 2 see things that this can not be true bc priest are sinners what do you say about all who God used?? I am interested in ur answer Yaw more than anything?

  • Raquel

    Jose ya are judging rather ya realize it or not. Yes there are bad priest I will never denied that, they are also human so remember that. Remember when they wanted to stone the lady Jesus said to them “he who is without sin cast the 1st stone?” Jesus also had Peter as the 1st Pope, when our Pope says he is God on earth he is nor saying he is God 🙂 but that he represents God, but in all we are all still HUMAN and we will all make mistakes. Now let me ask you a question? Do you honor ur Mother? Do you have pictures of your Mother up in ur home? I know I do, now I see that you and many like you confused the meaning of Honoring with worship! We Honor Mother Mary, and with good reasons, her journey with carrying the Lord baby Jesus was not an easy journey, in the Holy Bible it says Bless is she among women! She was honor even by the Mother of John the Baptize. It is also one of the 10 commandments Honor your Mother, so what is your problem with us honoring her? As for the Saints and Mother Mary, how many times have you been in a situation someone’s child is hurt and they ask everyone to please pray for that child?? there is nothing wrong with praying for others and for me, I would love for the Mother of God the son to pray for me 🙂 ever hear of Power in Prayer? there is teaching of hell, how and why you can go there, but they focus on Heaven and how to get there! 🙂 the teaching is not to see God as a merciless God but rather a Merciful God. Many people focus on trying to find the evil in the catholic church ? how and why? bc you could not find God? that was on you, God looks the ones who love, obey and yes fear Him, who is to say what you saw came from God? There is wrong doing in anything or anyone if you looking for it. You better go back and see whats Jesus teachings again. 🙂 Mary is Queen of Heaven and rightfully so. Let me ask you this and please do answer could you have done what Mother Mary did?? Honestly, you could stand by and watch you child being humiliated, tortured and brutally killed and say NOT one word! I know I could not! and if you know God as you say you do, do you know God gives us all free will? Mary could have said no, but she obeyed God all the way, so when we say Bless are you among women Jesus said it 1st so if that bothers you take it up with Jesus 🙂 All I can say is you were not listening when you was in church as a catholic. Now the one who is true evilness and God’s enemy is islam! thats the one, you need to let people know does not know Jesus nor the Father or the Holy Spirit. Islam is who is fooling the people, to who Jesus is find the right enemy of God and try to help them who have fallen under them lies instead of coming at the Catholics who are Christians, Christians are anyone who follows the Lord Jesus Christ. 🙂 God Bless you

    • http://www.loverealm.org Yaw Ansong

      Islam…that one. Hmmm, let’s pray that many will come to Jesus. I do agree with both of you though. You’ve got a point.

      By the way, I wrote an aritlce about judging people. Does the bible say we cant judge? Read it here:


      • Raquel

        Judging is ont thing Yaw, sitting back and allowing others to be mislead is another, Jesus sent his disciples out to preach the kingdom of God, Jesus also said if they are for him then they can not be against Him, islam is against Jesus not an opinion but rather a fact!!! and a very harmful one if we just sit by and say nothing! fact the god of islam is satan itself, so if ya sit back do nothing ur allowing satan to lie to ppl who do not know who Jesus truly is. In islam they say Jesus is NOT the son of God! Do you agree with that?

      • Raquel

        prayer is good but shouting to the world Jesus is the Son of the living God!!! is what needs to be told of islam wake up islam is taking more souls bc NO ONE is saying what the truth is! some call it judging some don’t want to offend and some just dont care will I do care and I am going to tell the world islam is EVIL it is the enemy of Jesus just read its koran, look at who they try to claim is a higher prophet and more than Jesus muhammed a false prophet Jesus said Himself a false prophet will come and fool many these things Yaw you need to telling! it ur job to do so if your trying to bring ppl to Jesus study islam so you know the enemy

        • http://www.loverealm.org Yaw Ansong

          Raquel. I like your zeal. I’ll have to find resources, probably online, and study more about Islam. As at now the little I know about it is what I was tought in middle school…

          We will not sit down for Isalm or any other satanic cult to mislead the world! That is the essence of this ministry: Projecting Christ through technology. Jesus is the son of God!

          As for the sinful priests, bible says in Romans 3:23
          for all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God…

          but i know one thing for a fact, you can not be a true man of God and continue sinning. 1John 5:18…God bless you.

          I believe in confesing sins to one another

          “Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed” James 5:16

          But I do not beileve it’s restricted to only the father. We can confess to each other. I can confess to Jose, he can confess to you. As for believing that the ‘Fathers’ are sinless, It’s a big lie! As long as they live in this human body, they can never be sinless. One thing however is sure, the blood of Jesus has purged us of all our sins.

          I don’t believe in praying through mary. Where in the bible is it said, ‘pray through mary’. We are asked to honor our parents. You can choose to honor her, It may be a worthy cause, but make sure it doesn’t lead to worshipping her, because that would be idolatry.I don’t believe in praying to saints and statues. I think it’s idolatory. I honestly need to study more about the catholic church, however I’m certain of these few things I’ve said. Jesus is the only way.

          • Raquel

            I have come to learn a while back if I am going to go out and preach the word of God and who Jesus is I better very well know who the enemy is, bc once ya go out to do God’s bidding it is the evil one who will try to stop it, knowledge is power, and ya have to answers to the questions ppl will ask. So I did go out to see what this islam is about, how is it ya dont know?? if islam is God’s biggest enemy in todays time? They say it very clear that Jesus is NOT God’s son and yet islam is getting bigger do ya know why? bc ppl are being fooled bc of the lack of knowledge of it. Now as for priests not all of them sin, only God truly knows if they are sorry and ask for forgiveness for what they have done, and only God will deal with them, we can say what we want but for you to say all are sinners you do not have that right. Now as for Mother Mary, again we do not worship her, but many do honor her, I see you like to use scriptures and thats good but many use them and dont know their true meaning. I did not say one HAD to pray thru her, I said I am very happy to have the Mother of Jesus praying for me. When Jesus was on the cross what did He say to John?? I will tell ya Jesus said to John behold this is your Mother, and to Mother Mary He told her this is your son 🙂 right there Jesus let us know she is our Heavenly Mother. I have asked many times now do you think the walk the saints had were easy? I have pictures of my family up in my home not bc I worship them or idolized them in the way your making it sound, but bc I loved them bc some did great things in their life time like raised me, cared for me, now I will ask you again could you have done what Mother Mary did? In the Bible God does say about Mary “Blessed are you among woman” you don’t seem to know about islam or catholics. Its great you want to spread the word of God but you really should say to the ppl read ur Bible for God word is there so as not to add urs, bc that would be a great mistake on ur part. Do you know when Jesus sent out His disciples, he told them not to take any money bags, one tunic, Jesus never told them to go out and collect money to hear the word of God and yet I went to your page and I saw you ask for money? why? don’t you believe ya can reach out to ppl without asking for money? where is ur faith? Don’t you trust God to give ya what ya need? know Gods enemy bc I am telling you ya will have to use ever tool God has given us to fight the good fight. And God’s words are the best tools ya can have. Jesus let me know Mother Mary is my Mother what about you? Go seek the scripture read for urself. Learn of islam it will tell you very quickly who they are saying Jesus is. They even teach you to lie for the sake of islam, is our God the true living God ever ask you to lie for Him? Have you ever heard our God tell you Jesus is not His son? Read your Bible dont just write down scriptures know what they mean. And remember Jesus never asked for money! to teach anyone of the Kingdom of God, He trusted and had Faith in the Father while He was here on earth as a man. When being tempted by the devil the 3 times He spoke of each time Jesus was able to use the tools of the Father in what was in the Holy Bible knowledge is what always knocked the devil off his feet! the Bible is full of knowledge and tells exactly who and what part Mother Mary played, and God called her Blessed and He also called her our Mother 🙂

          • Raquel

            oh let me clarify, what I meant about the priest being without sin, what I meant to say is NOT all the priests molested children, is the sin I was speaking of. And of course we are all sinners even the priest have sinned sometime in their lives, as did all the great men, Jesus called John the Baptist the greatest prophets, and yet I am sure he too sinned, only one man walked this earth and did NOT sin His name is Jesus 🙂 sorry I just wanted to make it clear from what I had written have a bless and peaceful day brother

  • http://lclary@brookdaleliving.com linda clary

    I have turn my life over to christ because I don t want to go to hell I want to be with the lord there s nothing better than that to me.i have been thru many things thats why I now want a closer walk with god. I m human and will fall but I know he will pick me back up. Amen l clary

    • http://www.loverealm.org Yaw Ansong

      Hello Clary, God bless you soo much for your decision. There is jubilation in heaven right now because of you. What you need now is to be discipled and have a close relationship with God. Would you contact me on fb so I can help you?


      I’m soo blessed to be used as an instrument to bless you…

      • Raquel

        May I ask why you are not telling the people to read God’s word?? This is why there is the Bible so that people can come to know God on a personal level and to have God tell them Himself what He is about what He has done and what will come to pass, and in this God does tell us how to obtain eternal life 🙂 so why are you not telling??

        • http://www.loverealm.org Yaw Ansong

          Oh Raquel! You know, I’m telling them to read God’s word. I’ve been there before, and it is not a pleasant experience. Many times, ‘Men of God’ preach the gospel and create new converts. They then leave these people to their own fate, to struggle and find their feet in the faith, this is the reason why christianity is filled with so much pervesion and sin to this day. Jesus said ‘Go and make disciples’ he didn’t say ‘Converts’….a number of these people wouldn’t understand the bible if they read it on their own. It’ll be nonsense to them, so though I’m asking them to read the bible and spend time with the Holy Spirit, it’s essential that they are discipled, so that they can to gain their feet in the faith! Amen!

          • Raquel

            I don’t agree with that, people are not that dumb that could not understand the Bible, they would have to read it again and again but that is better for them, and my friend are you kidding me many who dont know the Bible get tricked by the very book that was meant to save them like the KKK you have heard of them right? Mormons? many use the Bible and twists Gods words to fit them I will tell you why people who ask for Money to hear the word of God bother me, is for 1 Jesus did not charge to hear the word of God and when the crowds got to big He found a place for them all, 2 Jesus did not live like a million-are tho I am sure He could have had He wanted too, and lets face it men have NEVER learn had to have control of power b4 they start to think they are God, and by that time the devil has them and all who believed and followed his teachings of God One can not be serious in reading the Bible and Not have the Holy Spirit within them

          • http://www.loverealm.org Yaw Ansong

            You know, the ammount of resources it takes to update this page as a medical student without enough time? Do you know the ammount of resources it needs to host a server, as well as create apps and pay programmers? You have no idea what you’re talking about…

            Unless God activates the hand of someone, our touches someone to work freely (like he’s doing now), there’s no way this ministry will go on.

            BTW: I think we lost the whole essence of this article. The essence of this article is to bring people to Christ. Not to argue about money and Catholics. The author mantains his catholic belifs didn’t allow him to grow. You mantain your catholic belief made you grow. Stick to yours, let him stick to his. At the end, we’re all Christians!

            Nevertheless, God’s solid foundation stands firm, sealed with this inscription: “The Lord knows those who are his,” and, “Everyone who confesses the name of the Lord must turn away from wickedness.” 2 Timothy 2:19

            God bless you all!

    • Raquel

      You are right Linda Jesus is always there to pick us back up we will always fall the worse thing we can is stay down, as I have said to many to get to know God the Father God the Son God the Holy Spirit, read the Holy Bible, bc in His words no one can say no he said this or that, read it over and over and as you do YOU will come to know God on a personal level, and see all the wonderful things God has truly done, bc that’s how much He loves us, Read! Seek, God sometimes lets us hit rock bottom so He can show you just how much He loves you by lifting you up 🙂

      • http://www.loverealm.org Yaw Ansong


  • Raquel

    okay Yaw I notice you did not leave me a reply on ur last comment, I am not fighting with you, I was asking you some very good questions, you as a servant of God should not get angry bc you do not have the answers I was merely trying to help you. You took great offensive bc of the money question, why? everything we spoke still has to with God do you not see or is it you dont want too. You gave me scriptures I didnt not get offended, I gave you almost the same except I actually said what the conversation was. We should be working together instead of you trying to cut me off. THIS IS ABOUT GOD! the whole thing has been about God. Once again I am going to tell you the enemy has come in the form of islam and is fooling many to take away from God! that is a FACT! wake up, and I spoke of Jesus and why I love Mother Mary, I too gave it to you from the Holy Bible and from Jesus Himself, right b4 He died on the cross! Mary is your Mother, unless you think Jesus is a lair? why do you fear answering anything I ask? why are you not trying to talk with me ? I am a warrior for Jesus my Lord and Savior, Once again you say do I know how much it cost for your medical schooling? what does that have to do with teaching the word of God?? So are telling everyone “hey come pay me and I will tell you of God”? do you really think this is what God wants?? There are many desperate people who are truly seeking God, who are so low on themselves, that they will believe just about anything, does that make them stupid? Of course NOT! but it does open the door to many FAKE followers who is in it for money, power, and anything else that is evil and against God if you want to stop and run then do so, but you could have been man enough to answer my questions, and if your going to teach about God YOU better know Him and YOU better NOT yes I said NOT lead His sheep astray. For money or your schooling follower Jesus lead He did not charge!

    • http://y45eP8aXF Aleksandr

      I will need to have some ability ctcnenoed with to say thanks to everyone regarding the quality hints We now have frequently cherished opportunities your current webpage. We’re pumped up about the graduation directing to such secondary education looking at additionally the actual entirety keeping of feet wouldn’t are generally completely finish not having in route onto your website site. Plainly may very well be of a standard assist men and women, I’ll become fortunate to be able to of what We’ve studied using this point.

  • Raquel

    Oh and one more thing, if your going to use Scripture, please also write what it says, for anyone can throw out scripture, and still not know the meaning, learn not to get angry, but talk, bc there is going to come a time some one other than me will ask, you have to have the answers so which are you trying to be a doctor or a minister? bc you can’t 100% to either if your trying to be both, my brother you have to study the word in order to preach the word! People HAVE to read the word in order to get the feel of just how much God loves us, so much so He gave us His own Beloved son Jesus who did pay the ransom of our sins, in the Old Testiment you will see the power and glory of God the Father, and He is a very loving Father, and when He corrects us don’t be mad but rejoice, bc a good Father will always correct His child, in the New Testiment, you see Jesus as a human/Divine living life as we do, yet always showing us by example! not just saying what we should do BUT by example!!! Brother Yaw this is way to important, to let it go. I have sent you a friends request yesterday, so that you and I could talk in private, so that we can help each other, this what all the disciples did for I do not have all the answers either and that is why I continue to reread my Bible not bc I am trying to brag and say look at me, NO bc I know I learned much and I want others to do the same and be happy everytime they learn add me and let us talk one on one ok? I will be waiting. My friend this coversation we have been having from day 1 has been all about God 🙂 I have not left that, and yes islam will always be a topic for me bc it is the enemy of my God! and should be urs as well.

    • http://loverealm Daisy Asiamah

      Amen…God bless you

      • Raquel

        Read ur Bible Daisy, its so important, to know God on a personal level is so great 🙂 the love He has for you is truly awesome! God loves you so much sister 🙂 God Bless you 🙂 watch out for the wolves, for they are always asking for money to learn the word of God, great news, the Bible tells you everything you need to know and its free just as Jesus did when He was here, Jesus never once!!! asked to be paid for telling you the wonderful news of the Kingdom of Heaven. Be Blessed

        • http://www.loverealm.org Yaw Ansong

          I accepted all friend requests on my fb…I don’t know if you sent yours. Hopefully we can talk more. God bless you.

          • Raquel

            I would love to talk more and yes I did send a FR yesterday it was accepted so I thank you for that, may ur day be filled with blessings and peace 🙂

  • Raquel

    so Yaw could you please start by answering. some of my questions ?? Please then we can go from there? I will be waiting

    • http://www.loverealm.org Yaw Ansong

      Lol…Did I say I was angry? 🙂 I’m not…

      I never asked you the cost of my medical schooling…lol, and i’m not trying to pay my school fees with this. My family is very affluent by God’s grace, though recently support from them has been pretty inexistent.

      I just feel we’re veering off the main idea behind the article which is about heaven and hell, but for your sake, I would answer your questions. I accepted your friend request on fb, thinking we could trash it out there…and I’ve been busy, that’s why I couldn’t answer your question.

      I’ll be a doctor soon, but that doesn’t stop me from serving God. That information is already on our about-us page: http://www.loverealm.org/about-us

      I can’t choose between the two. I will do both! I can pray for people and touch them in the consulting room! i can visit them on visiting hours and pray for them, and what stops me from extending my tentacles to further spread the gospel online?

      Who told you we’re asking for money to share the gospel? You’ve over simplified it, which I think is not fair. This is how you are seing it, we’re asking for money , sort of a pay, before we share the gospel? In other words you are saying that we are saying this: If you don’t pay me, I wont share the gospel! That is false! And that is fallacious and wrong!

      Did you follow and read the previous articles at all???

      Do you know it takes a lot of money to advertise on facebook? You think it came free that our page has several likes and that we minister to people? No! Someone had to bear the cost! I had to bear the cost! And i’m telling you that, the main idea behind the said article was to receive support from our community, so that we could increase the number of people we minister to! We reach over 200,000 people daily, but if the community could support, we could reach over 10 million daily! That won’t come free, and I said as a medical student (that is to say that I’m not a worker), I was using my feeding money for that, and I felt it would not be adequate, so I asked for support from the community.

      Moreover, I received no funds for both fundraisers. Not even $1.00. Not even a dollar o! Now if I was saying that, ‘Pay me, otherwise I won’t spread the gospel’, wouldn’t I have stopped spreading the gospel after not receiving any funds! But though, there’s no money, I strive daily! I’ve sold my personal belongings, my tablets my phones, just to make sure that this thing goes on! I receive no support, yet for the sake of Christ, I toil daily just to make sure that people get to know of Christ through this ministry. I’m very hard pressed with time as a student doctor, yet I make time to post on the pages, I sometimes feel like dying after posting, so it’s not fair for you to sit comfortably in your chair and judge that I’m in for money, that’s not fair!

      Aside that we’ve never talked about that issue again, hoping that God will touch someone’s heart someday to support us. Like Jose Vazques, who wrote this article. He contacted me through our support us page: loverealm.org/support-us, and told me though he couldn’t support financially, he could contribute via an article! That’s the kind of people we are looking for, kingdom minded people who will support with the little they have.

      Jesus took offetory, mind you! Mark 12:41-44, but we’re not asking for your money. We’re asking on this article that you rid yourself of all impurity, and turn to God!

      One man gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty. Proverbs 11:24

  • Raquel

    Lets stay on the subject at hand as you asked 🙂 we can go back and forth but its a waste of time. I asked you very good questions that has to do with the Holy Bible, for a few reasons, I am still waiting for them answers, but I see now I never will. That’s fine 🙂 once again why are you not addressing islam ? Rather you know it or not this is a very serious problem!!! it is the enemy of Jesus its fooling many people, and as you say I am sitting here in my comfortable chair 🙂 my brother, I was once really stuck in this chair not being able to walk! So I decided to preach the word of God, but to do that I knew I had to have knowledge of many things. I have been able to reach out not bragging just saying where there is a will there is a way. I did go and checked some of you writtings and what you asked for, but in all of this I have yet seen anything about whats the biggest enemy of God today, and unless you study and know what it is, how do you plan on helping others? The Bible its self will explain who and what God expects from us, but unless they seek that they will never know when someone fake is coming! If you use the resources, that your able to have right now, I don’t see how it is you justify asking money from anyone? If you don’t know the roles people played in the Bible how is it ur telling ur followers who they are, example, Mother Mary? I am go reread you pages again maybe I am missing something, yes you can still be a doctor, but one of these things will come second in ur life, be it the doctor or ur preaching? No one can have that much time. Like I said people who throw out scriptures always send up red flags for me, bc many times you take once phrase, but dont talk of the front or the ending of it. You did not answer one thing all you did was sound off 🙂 again answer

    • http://www.loverealm.org Yaw Ansong

      Maybe I’m not getting the question 🙁

      The question now is: Why are we not addressing Islam on this page?

      It never really has been our focus. We’ve addressed it a few times on our facebook page, but all it ended up in was ugly fights and insults from people from the Arab world. Some even Cursing Jesus! Maybe we’ll do more of that in the coming weeks…

      Being a doctor and a preacher…I’ve not come to the point of choosing between the two yet. One will eventually have to be my main focus. Whatever the will of God is, at the end, humanity has to benefit from my existence.

      Is there another question I’ve not answered, let me know what question you want me to answer?

      Quoting scriptures sends red flags to you?? Seriously??

  • Raquel

    islam has to be addressed and yes its going to be an ugly fight, this is not an easy road but it one that has to be warned to others, I have been swored at and have even had my computers sent viruses but it does not stop me, bc they don’t want this to be sent out to who Jesus really is. Yaw I do believe ur heart is in the right place, but this is to serious to just let it go bc they get offedned or bc they want to fight I have debated with muslims for years! and if I can make just one person see them for the evilness it is, its worth it. Yaw when I say ppl who drop scriptures sometimes send up red flags I am speaking from experiences, I have dealt with ppl that will actually use it as a weapon to their advantages to lead many astray, if ya took it as you only I am sorry for that, but as I said even the KKK used Scriptures. Good exapmle other than KKK Jim Jones, and many other fake ppl. Humanity and its salvation has already been ransom for us by Jesus. The question I am still interested in is about Mother Mary, did you know Jesus did say from the cross to John this is your Mother? and to Mary He said this is your son 🙂 you asked me to show you from the Bible where it said to pray and be saved from Mary, that is not what I said what I said is she is our Heavenly Mother I think Jesus made that clear. Brother if ur going to be a doctor I wish you the best, but just my opinion I don’t believe anyone who is not sure what they are going to be should ask for money, to have the word of God spread, just my opinion 🙂 I do wish you well. I cant tell you how important it is to put out the word of islam is satan fooling many, even in the Bible Jesus says woe to that false prophet who will lead many astray even some of the elect, I have not ever in history or even today that so many would follow some one as evil as muhammed, and yes I do know many things of him as I said I searched everything I could b4 I spoke of this. Yaw my friend its up to us to warn people no matter how hard it can be will it make you likeable , no it will make you very hated just as many hated Jesus, bc he blew the top off of many fake things that was keeping the ppl from the salvation of Heaven, do you see what I am saying? 🙂 I hope so when ya have the time hit my face book and if I am on we can talk on the IM have a blessed day

    • http://www.loverealm.org Yaw Ansong

      I have debated with muslims for years??? Really…debating won’t help. It’ll never help! What’s the definition of a debate? Debate is contention in argument; dispute, controversy; discussion;. You’ll never bring someone to Christ by arguing! It won’t help. You need to pray for them, and sow a seed in their lives. The seed of the word of God. It’s the Holy Spirit that convicts, not debates…

      Jesus said to John it’s his mother, it doesn’t mean he’s my mother! It doesn’ mean he’s the mother of all the other disciples. And if he’s my mother, who cares? Where is it in scripture that we should pray in mary? Don’t give me those analogies of ‘I can ask of someone through his mum’ Give me scripture that proves that we should pray through her. The fact that she’s your mother doesn’t mean that

      Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.
      John 14:6

      Jesus is the only way to GOD!

      I’m posting a message about Islam next week, stay tuned…

      I’d rather you read the other articles, the latest ones I mean, and comment, than focus solely on this. There’s other interesting stuff you know.

      I don’t know your id on facebook, so if you rather send me a message there, I can know who you really are on facebook.

  • Raquel

    Do you ever listen! I didn’t say to debate with a muslim!!! I said to warn ppl out there who DOES NOT know who Jesus truly is! do you ever listen! ? You claim to be a pastor or minister what ever you want to call urself! then listen! It is our job to warn others that islam is evil! it is against Jesus do you get that yet!!!! thats not a debate its a FACT! and are you really that vain to say Jesus was only speaking to John when He said this is your Mother??? Dont throw scripture of who Jesus is, show someone who don’t know like a muslim. Again I never said argue with someone to bring them to Jesus and in the same token don’t try to make them pay for it either, you know what Yaw Mother Mary has done more than you ever will in ur life time, and yet you act like she did nothing, maybe you should stop thinking of ways to get free money and study more of the word of Jesus and stop making ur own interpolations, as you see it. Your more about money than what Jesus spoke of! You know what I have seen going back and looking at ur page, I see someone who loves the attention when someone agrees with you, and you hate when someone don’t and right behind ur words is money donations 🙂 need ur school to be paid for. NOW listen one more time I NEVER said Mary is the way to Salvation! NEVER did I say you had to pray to Mother Mary Never!!! ok or you listening???? I am looking forward to see how you handle this islam thing you say you will be bringing up next week. Let me know so I can watch. I am looking so forward to your preaching Jesus hope you have the answers when they say to you prove it! or and Yaw I doubt very much they will give you a donation for ur schooling 🙂 and Yaw Jesus did not say to John she is MY Mother Jesus said to John behold your Mother and to Mary behold your son! are you serious you think this means nothing, its not analogies, its a fact what was said by Jesus! you say Jesus is the only way to God!!!! Jesus is God the Son!!!! or didn’t you know that?? the Holy Spirit is God the Holy Spirit, oh in case you dont know where that is in the Bible let me know and I will tell you or better yet YOU tell me, 🙂 ok? be waiting!

  • Raquel

    Yaw I checked out a lot of ur stories this one as far as I see has the most convo so that’s a good thing, see here in me I like to ask questions

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  • Jerry

    “and the people there were tormented day and night [for ever and ever], as the scripture puts it in Revelations 20:10”

    This is incorrect. What it really says is that the devil, the beast, and the false prophet are going to be tormented forever and ever.

    Where the author writes about the rapture, he doesn’t show such a thing form the Bible. Gathering up His people is not rapturing them. When you gather your friends or your children you don’t rapture them, do you? Also, based on the verse he quotes, all of this happens after the tribulation. Why would we want to be raptured after the tribulation when all will finally be good here?

    Take care!

    • http://www.loverealm.org Yaw Ansong

      The inaccuracies you noted are correct. Those were interpretations to the revelation I added myself to the vision he had. I realised after it was published that portions of my interpretation were inaccurate, however we didn’t want to adulterate the article after it had been published. What do you think? Should we go ahead and correct it and indicate that it has been corrected? How should we go about it.

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