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I decided to look for interesting things to write, and then I realized what I personally wanted to hear: Something intriguing I had either forgotten about the Bible, or simply totally unaware of. The number of people who can confidently say they enjoy reading the Bible daily and consistently are not much, so it’s safe to assume most Christians are clueless about lots of things. Well, here’s a few to juggle your memory—or educate you.
ONE: Does God help those who help themselves?
• I think the question reminds us of common saying. Well, this one is too easy so I’ll say it. It is not in the Bible. It was quoted by the American great Benjamin Franklin.
TWO: How many commands are in the Bible?
• Well, I didn’t read this myself, but I did read in an article that there are 6,468 of them in the Bible. How many do we follow?
THREE: Why did Adam and Eve sent out of the garden?
• Well, this one’s easy because you only have to flip a few pages to find the answer in Genesis 3:22-23. And no, it’s not because they sinned or ate whatever the serpent caused them to eat!
FOUR: Longest name in the Bible
• You can thank me for not going to search for this one. From Isaiah 8:1, we have a winner- Mahershalalhashbaz
FIVE: Largest New Testament Book is?
• I am sure if it were a quiz, not many will get this. I didn’t either. In fact, I crosschecked several times because I didn’t believe it. It is Luke.
SIX:Do you know which verse is the longest in the Holy book?
• I can say one thing: If you are asked to memorize a verse, don’t make the mistake of picking Esther 8:9!
SEVEN:Where did the Chapters come from?
• Okay, so this isn’t exactly an inside-the-bible question, but it should interest you to know who first put the Bible into chapters. His name is Stephen Langton, and he did it in 1228.
EIGHT:What do they have in common?
• Do you recognize any of these names?
Othniel, Ehud, Shamgar, Tola, Jair, Ibzan, Elon and Abdon
I know it’s hard because you might be among those who don’t even know a single name! Well, they are part of the 13 people who were judges in the Old Testament.
NINE:Number of Jesus’ parables in the New Testament?
• Guess? Again, I had no idea… The number is 51
TEN: I still find it hard to believe this particular piece of information
• 50 Bibles are sold every minute! Well, if only we use the Holy Book as much as we buy it…

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