Founder of LoveRealm graduates as medical doctor with an award!

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‘It was the toughest decision We’d ever taken,’

That’s how Dr. Yaw Ansong Jnr described his decision to start a Christian social network company with his triplet brother whilst they were in medical school. ‘Medical students barely have time for themselves, let alone start companies. Our friends thought we were mad,’ said Yaw.

Fast forward today and he’s graduated as a doctor at the age of 22, winning an academic excellence award in clinical psychology and mental health, whilst expanding the team to include programers from Silicon Valley in USA, through to Belgrade in Europe.

When the press caught up with Yaw to discuss their vision for LoveRealm, here’s what he had to say:

Sharing the gospel via technology. The internet provides an an enormous platform for the gospel to be shared. Our greatest desire is to see the whole world being reached for Christ. With our social network, we believe places that had hitherto been inaccessible to evangelists would be accessible. It’s a platform with which we hope to reach the people deemed as ‘sinners’. Those rejected and pushed away by the church. We hope we create a friendly platform for these people to receive the gospel.

Make Christian friends. Having lived in Ghana all my life, it came as a shock to me when I travelled outside Ghana for the first time. Being Christian was suddenly the minority and I gradually saw the spiritual decline manifest itself in my life. This solidified our desire to create a platform where Christians can connect with each other and strengthen each other with the gospel.

A righteous social network experience. On LoveRealm, content will be monitored to ensure that profane / pornographic / nude/ unrighteous material will be removed. This provides a holy experience where God is the focus.

When asked by the press how he would combine being a CEO with the medical profession, Yaw said: “It’s not easy, but the Lord is our strength.”

Loverealm is gearing towards launch. Please join the waiting list at 

BTW: We are building the largest Christian Social Network Ever! Please Join our Mailing List to be informed when we are done.

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