Author: Stephen Boateng

Stephen is an entrepreneurial economist with the heart and passion to share the gospel with the world through technology.


  The illustration I want to make will take us straight to the cemetery where the names of the dead are encrypted on stones. That is where the legacy is laid for all to know the name and duration of the said person beneath the ground. The name of the person is indicated and the period of which the individual…

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How are you, I miss you so much. I wish you were here with me. You left your spirit and word but I cannot imagine what’s going on in the heavens. No more visions, prophecies nor dreams. You make me feel neglected my love. So many turbulences are persuading me against your love. But I know that only you can…

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Prince, Prophet, Priest

He’s so ambiguous yet worth fathoming But some truth about Him may be mind baffling Yes, you may need brain storming Just trying to figure out divine meaning   Unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given A baby to be nursed by the virgin And a Son of the Father begotten Prince of peace over…

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As humans we are always wanting to finish somethings in a short while. We would prefer to get done and over with some things and so would always look for a short cut in getting things done. The easiest and simplest scenario I can create is that of our computer keyboards where certain combination of keys could easily shut down…

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I was sold to strangers for money Not because they wanted to be wealthy But simply because they envied me As a piece of garment they discarded me   I accrued revenue to both parties But in the end my benefits extended beyond boundaries The transaction that profited an entire generation Even to them who took counsel and made the…

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God Gives Us What We Can Handle

Have you ever carried a burden more than your strength can carry? Have you ever fallen into a temptation so great that you couldn’t make it out? Have you ever got an amount of money more than you can spend? When troubles loom in and the struggles became tougher than we imagined, we feel like it’s too much for us…

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