Author: Rudolph Mensah

Rudolph loves Jesus and his goal is to ultimately be like Him. He is a Herbal Medical Consultant with particular interest in Global health and a social entrepreneur. He loves to exude inspiration in writing.


  I have often reminisced Moses stand before Pharaoh and declare unto him what God told him. “Let my people go”. I believe since God said so it should have been easy for Moses to execute his assignment. Let’s go back to God’s own words when he was orienting Moses on the task ahead. “And I am sure that the…

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Whenever I read the bible, there are several questions I ask myself. These questions include “who said it, what experiences the person had and what influenced his judgment?” You remember when David said “the Lord is my shepherd?”  He understood perfectly well what he was saying about God because he (David) had been a shepherd and understands what the shepherds…

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Before He died He was tied As the time drew nigh He gave a sigh   He despised the shame Ready to take my blame He forsook heaven’s serenity Stripped himself of divinity   Clothed himself with humanity Was taken to the slaughter For my laughter And my eternal spiritual liberation   I was in chains He dismantled it Left…

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  We run away or hide from God for a number of reasons. We assert our own will and go the path we feel is good for us. When Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane at that defining moment in his life and said “may your (God’s) will be done”, he had options. He could have run, he could…

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We often wonder looking for answers from many places. Have you ever tried to look for something in your room or around and never find it only to realize it is inside your hands the whole time? Yeah, it has often happened to me. I frantically look around looking for my pen only to find later it is in my…

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God’s Marking Scheme

He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God; And being fully persuaded, he was able also to perform”-Romans 4:20-21 When I read the verses above from the Bible I think that is a big lie. Abraham did not stagger? Was it not Abraham who took Haggai and slept with…

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