Author: Princeford Agudzeamegah



FIVE OUT OF TEN AND YOU ARE THERE!   If you are able to figure out five out of the following ten bible facts, you know your stuff, or you really took Sunday school by storm! All the same, you’re a Christian, so try not to cheat! J Some, I provided reference because you may not believe me, others not…

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third fool

Third Fool Is Not A Fool

A number of times, I have found myself in the position where I find myself repetitively in trouble—or worse, in grave danger. I always swear it would not happen again. Somehow, it does… again and again… Sinning has become habitual, but does that mean we are doomed? Fortunately for us, that is not so! Our flesh is the reckless part…

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The Day I Went Clubbing

As a Christian, do you go clubbing often? Do you go clubbing at all? If you do, how on earth do you manage?! I lasted minutes when I tried it—I had to look for a way out, because I literally felt the layer of my skin getting thick with each vice I condoned with ease—one I would otherwise have frowned…

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what happened to praying

What Happened To Praying?

I’ve read jokes about people starting to pray in an aeroplane when they are told the aeroplane is going to crash. Others have started calling on God when there’s an impending accident before their very eyes. But—these are moments where adrenaline is high and you think you definitely need more than physical strength to scale out of it all. However,…

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where are you


“Where are you?” This was God’s first question in the Bible— it was for Adam. But over a very long period, God hasn’t stopped asking this same question. He has probably been asking you this same question a million times. Man is so rebellious that it’s hard to understand exactly how God can keep wanting us back. In the time…

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Supporting him-Supporting her

I read a touching story of how a woman helped finance her husband’s career and how the man repaid the love, faith and investment with some lovely surprises including registering all property he acquired in her name and gave her the newest cars all the time—settling for the older one himself. We may have heard a lot more also about…

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