Author: Mary Ansong

M. A is a young lady who loves to see those around her live a happy and peaceful life. She knows this joy can be found in no one else but Jesus. She therefore shares Him with the world through her music and writings.


  For weeks now my mum has been teaching my siblings and i about THANKSGIVING. It’s the last day of the year and many are thankful for various reasons. But thanksgiving is not meant to be like santà giving presents or a bunch of students graduating annually. Thus, we shouldn’t just thank God and our friends only at the end…

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  Christmas is fast approaching and I am thinking of doing something special for my mother It involves getting her a few things Now, on my list of items was something my best friend could give me She was selling it but later decided to offer it for free I happily accepted it as I left her room but stepped…

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Guts, is that what it is called? GUTS!!! Why do we run from our dreams? Why do we let situations dictate our lives?  We hold bitterness in our hearts, blaming others for hurts done. The future is killed with tears and regrets, leaving behind weary souls. Oh, how bright dreams we had and how great ambitions we upheld. But let…

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  I walked into the room and saw him after many full and half-moons have passed… My heart missed a beat and for a brief moment, I could barely breathe I almost tripped in my quest to fall into his arms And he run to me with fear in his eyes Passion robbed the chambers of my heart And all…

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We live in an interesting generation where people measure your level of “spirituality” by the way you speak tongues, preach or pray Some preacher men have changed their accent and the sound of their voice just to appear “spiritual” The posture of others have changed and the congregation goes up in out-roar , with excitement hanging in the air and…

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Have you ever seen the picture of a duck on water? Ever looked at your home and its surroundings in an airplane? Ever thought there was water ahead as you drove on the road, only to realize it was a mirage?   God sees differently!   Just like the way our view is narrowed when on the ground and we…

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