Author: Yaw Ansong

Yaw Ansong is a Christian entrepreneur with the personal vision and mission of sharing the gospel via modern technology.

LoveRealm; the hottest place to connect with Christians

You must be living in outer space if you’ve by now not heard of LoveRealm, the Christian facebook alternative built to connect believers across the globe. The social network, which launched in beta earlier this year, had its beta spots filled within a matter of minutes; and now with over 50K users quietly testing its platform, the company has released…

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LoveRealm opens to the public

When we launched LoveRealm 5 months ago, we had no idea it would be this awesome. Thanks to your feedback however, we have been able to improve our social network drastically. This includes an update on it’s design as well as intuitiveness. It’s more  fun, friendly, and easy to use now. We’ve also added a unique counseling system which provides…

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Pre-launch of LoveRealm: Beta spots filled within one hour

The prelaunch was done at a colourful ceremony at the fully packed five thousand seater auditorium at the Pentecost Convention Centre during this year’s Pentecost Students Association (PENSA) conference.   The aim of the pre launch ceremony was to get feedback from randomly selected users before opening up to the world in few weeks time. The spots however, available for…

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Who made all these?

As the plane prepared for take off, I tucked in my seat belt and expected to doze off as I’ve usually done in the past. My inquisitive bright eyes however wouldn’t let me sleep; and soon, I was staring through the window. As the plane finally took off, the mighty high rise buildings in Accra looked as though they were…

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Youth in Nima (Ghana), assault gay man with 100 lashes

A video showing Nima youth assaulting a suspected homosexual at the sprawling Accra suburb, has gone virile with some recipients tracing their sources to the US from where it came through the WhatsApp social media platform back to Ghana. There is no doubt that the video found its way to the US through the same means, putting the subject of…

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Shivers down my spine

I sit love-struck as I stare at you You work shivers down my spine And It makes me ponder on the awesomeness of God For how could He make one as beautiful as you? Your mannerism, actions and commitment to God sway me Your laughter, joy and love satisfy me I find my home in your eyes Your arms is…

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